hen I was born, I had blue glasses. My parents did not worry, because they also wear blue glasses. And when I got older and went to school, I found out that all the other children were wearing blue glasses. In fact, everyone in my family, my neighbourhood, my city and my country wear blue glasses. My world is simply blue…

Of course, in our country we had no idea that the sky exists, we did not know where the beach ends or where the waves of the ocean are. Our country’s flag is blue, our nation’s favourite colour is blue and our pets and houses are all blue. One day, I went to the park with my blue dog Panpouch and started thinking and reflecting on my life. I had the blues so I did not notice that my pet ran away and disappeared. I had to look for Panpouch so I started calling him and following his blue footprints. Finally I reached the place where my dog was sleeping next to a stranger. I got closer to get my pet when I suddenly realized that there was something wrong going on, something that I had never seen or heard of, something impossible that no one would believe: the stranger had red glasses!

I was scared but I was ten years old and so I was still too curious. I asked: “Who are you? Why do you wear red glasses?” The stranger answered, “I am Rose. Why do you wear blue glasses?”
That day, I spent hours talking with Rose about my people who wear blue glasses. She found it funny and she invited me to visit her people who wear red glasses. She told me that they do not notice if they get injured because when it happens they cannot see the blood and she confirmed to me that the sky exists but it is just too red.

When the sky became a darker blue, I had to leave because I cannot sleep outside. I said: “Thanks for finding my blue dog Rose. See you soon.” But she replied: “You mean your red dog?”

That night I did not leave. I stayed and spent more time with Rose arguing what colour Panpouch is. It was tiring and frustrating. I felt that she was so stupid because she did not know that my dog’s real colour is blue. I knew that she just thought he was red because she had red glasses!

Finally, we agreed to let the dog decide. After all, Panpouch would know best what colour he was. We looked at my dog. He had no glasses. “Oh! said Rose, the dog has no glasses! Let us take ours off!”

We took our glasses off, threw them away and looked to my Panpouch. Panpouch was white.

Samar Samir Mezghanni

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