ne day, three drops met each other; a drop of water, a drop of oil, and a drop of blood.

The drop of water said: "I am a pure drop of water. I fulfil the thirst of nature. I used to live in the sky. I grew up embraced by dense clouds. But when nature turned gloomy and wept, I started my journey towards earth. Vociferously, I fell down on the wing of a small bird. Then, I kept falling between his feathers until I fell on a fresh leaf of a flower. The leaf leaned down because of my weight and I slipped down. This is how I arrived here."

The drop of blood said: "I am a vivid drop of blood. Thanks to me, humans live. Without me, humans die. I came through the vein of a handsome boy, who was wandering happily before the thorns of a flower – the same flower which dropped you down – stabbed him. My family members started to fall one after the other through the pores of his skin. I was still away from them when I hurried to get out before the boy pressed on his wound. I rolled along his dry finger and fell down softly and quietly while looking at his confused eyes. This is how I departed from there."

The drop of oil looked around and wondered with much confusion and astonishment: "I do not know who I am. I do not know how I can be useful to nature or human beings. I do not know how I was formed. I do not know how I came here.”

The drop of water said: "You probably came from the night. You are black."

The drop of blood said: "You may have come from nowhere. Perhaps, you are still in your own home!"

The drop of oil whispered painfully: "I would love to depart too!"

The drop of water and the drop of blood sympathized with their friend. They decided to carry her on a tour around the world. The drop of water produced by nature and the drop of blood produced by a human stuck together. Then, they tried to carry their friend – the drop of oil. However, the drop of oil fell down on her friends and covered them with her gloomy blackness. The three of them turned into a small quagmire, which can only depart when thrown from one foot to another.

Samar Samir Mezghanni

*Translated from Arabic