ne day, three ideas met: a good idea, a cunning idea and an incomplete idea.
“I am a good idea”, said the good idea, “I was born in the mind of a little girl who was looking for a solution to the poverty in her village. The child wrote me down on a paper to capture me and sent me by post to the president of an organisation who read me but did not like me. So he threw me away in the bin but I flew before I fall and no one cared about me so I travelled and that is how I arrived here.”

“And I am a cunning idea”, said the cunning idea, “I grew up in the mind of the president of the organisation when he read the good idea and he found through me a way to make a lot of money so he sent me to the director of a company but I got lost in the director’s e-mail inbox full of emails asking for help. So he deleted me without reading me but I ran away from the strings of the web and that is how I came from there.” The incomplete idea looked around her and wondered in confusion: “But I do not know who I am. I do not know where I was and how I came here.”

The good idea said: “Stick to me, and you will be complete and become a good idea that people dream of and smile when you cross their minds.”
“And then they will forget you”, said the cunning idea, “do not listen to her. Stick to me and you will be enshrined in memory. You will travel far, you will spread a lot, and you will suffer a little.”

The incomplete idea hesitated and did not know what to choose. So the cunning idea rushed to stick to her but the good idea followed her. The two ideas raced to get the incomplete idea. They stuck to her at the same moment and then moved away from her.

The incomplete idea became complete, with a good part and a cunning part. So it got all mixed up for her. She tried to make one side win over the other but she failed to do so. The idea has ideas about herself but could not understand herself. She looked for an identity to define her but she could not recognize it. She did not know how to be, so she lost her mind and became crazy.

She became a crazy idea, hard to understand, that crosses the minds of young people to change the world and make a lot of money.

Samar Samir Mezghanni

*Translated from Arabic